Monday, October 1, 2012

Now and Then

I am coming back from a far place and I hope I get to continue going where I want to go for a very long time.   I am told there is a need for an update.  Things are much more good than bad.  This is not an easy time, but it sure beats the alternatives.  When you know you still have things to learn in life, it's good, but there are times you wish that you had received a longer period of time to bask in the light of previous positives. 

I don't do much with the online moho world anymore except to read John G-W's and Mitch Mayne's blogs.  Judging from the new and improved Moho Directory, many of the bloggers that were my inspiration and or contemporaries, have also more or less went silent.  I myself am no longer listed, which is probably as it should be, given my mostly straight status. 

I debated taking my blog down, but have decided to just leave it available.  There is a lot of my experience finding resolution, hope and self that I think is useful.  I think my experiences as the parent of a gay teenager are also useful, hopefully.  There is much more I could write about, but the time is not right.  Perhaps later.

I have really enjoyed the Far Between videos and I'm looking forward to the documentary. 

Singing as I go along the way,

Quiet Song

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