Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bravo, Mr. Wrathall!

Why this man's blog nourishes my soul several times a month-read his guest post at Mormon Matters .

I sat this political season's gay rights hullabaloo out. I'm just dying to make a comment on what happened, but it will blow my cover. We all sat it out at our house, pro, con and in between. Truth be told we are just exhausted with the subject.

Oh, and I took a confidential online survey for a trade survey which asked the responder to indicate whether he or she "openly" identifies as LGBT. This makes me wonder about the wording. Wouldn't you want to know the actual number of LGBT people and what they thought? Without the "openly indentify" language, I might have self identified, but then again probably not.

Or, is there a suggestion that the only LGBT attitude worthy to hear is that of outies? Forget the innies altogether, and God love those of us stuck somewhere in between. And, no I'm not talking belly buttons here.


  1. I loved that post on Mormon Matters and his blog in general as well.

  2. John G-W is one of my all-time heros. What an amazing man.