Thursday, April 22, 2010


I've been busy. And, I could not remember my password. Good Grief.


  1. Also slp, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to post on your new blog. I've been reading.

  2. Also, I dipped into a little therapy and found a gem, "you are not your thoughts."

  3. Also, I am not other people's thoughts.

  4. In stark contrast to the "As a man thinketh school . . . " Think I am done with this little self conversation.

  5. I am glad you remembered your password. :)

    I will look at my blog- I think it is set up to accept comments, but I will double-check. And, thank you for reading. Hope it is worth your time... :)

    I agree with your comments, about not being other's thoughts. Very profound.

    I hope your therapy is going alright. Therapy is tough- the client does ALL the hard work, has to go through the suffering and pain, and THEN has to fork out the mulah to the therapist! Tough all around!

    I am thinking of you.

    Happy day. :)

    Love, and respect, always. slp

  6. I always have the hardest time remembering my passwords! I had a sheet for all of them... and then I lost it. haha