Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Strange Bed Fellows, Me and Steven Fales

Todd Ransom, I knew ye not. Let's see how the facts actually play out in the next few months. I couldn't find any mainstream news articles on this young man's suicide just a lot of noise in the blogosphere, especially from others who knew him not but had something to say- usually to condemn the Mormon Church. While I find it strangely disconcerting that I agree with anyone from Narcissusville in Pearsondom, Steven Fales has hit the nail on the head in his blog today as he analyzes the reaction to Mr. Ransom's suicide and his rather poetic suicide note.

Once again let me post the link to the Harvard Suicide Means Reduction website. I do not know if Mr. Ransom used a firearm to take his life, but the fact is that 60% of men who commit suicide in Utah do. Overwhelmingly, those firearms are handguns. Add in a little substance abuse with a moment of impulsivity and you've got a suicide attempt. Also, read this interesting peer reviewed medical review article regarding the protective effect of an active LDS lifestyle (i.e. no substance abuse) for Utah Men.

On a day when it's become clear that bloggers with more agenda than facts can rattle the current presidential administration of the United States with a phony reverse racism ploy, I'm waiting for the facts on the Todd Ransom suicide story. Here's a timely Op-ed piece on bloggers run amok.

As to Carolynn Pearson and her tribe, "It sure aint Christian to hate a stranger, but I don't like her" even though today I find myself partially on the same page with Mr. Fales.


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  3. Mr. Fales did not mince words, did he? His point is valid: many blame the church for this latest suicide- where were the gay supporters?

    I enjoyed the song you posted- made me smile. Thank you. I was in need of a good laugh. :)

    And, I agree with you about CLP. I am sure she has done a lot of good in the world- yet, she is not my favorite person, not by a long shot!

    Happy July 24th, QS. Stay cool (warm? You neck of the woods can get rather chilly. My brother takes the bar exam for your state on Monday. If you can, please send good energy his way- he is afraid he is too old to remember everything, but hopes the fact that he has practiced law in other places for many years will help him out. :) This is the brother who wrote the book I sent you the link of- that was AWFUL English- sorry- it is late.)

    love and respect, always! slp

  4. QS, I sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago. Did you get it?

    happy Pioneer Day tomorrow! slp