Tuesday, December 22, 2009

To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise, that is the Question

So, I'm going to be a grandparent soon. And, the issue of circumcision has crossed my mind. I'm personally firmly in the anti-cirumcision camp. It's one of my more obvious "granola" opinion markers. Being female, I could never support female circumcision, and, given that male circumcision is also thought to decrease male sexual pleasure, it also strikes me as a sexually unethical thing to do to another person in spite of the small protection it may give against the transmission of AIDS. Even so, wouldn't it be better if that decision was left up to an adult male to make? I think the AIDS argument for infant circumsion is rather specious.


  1. Totally against circumcision. The religious need for it ended when the law of Moses was fulfilled in Christ. It is beyond me why it is still performed in our 'civilized' society.

    I especially hate the excuse that some use, 'so he will look like daddy.' Don't get me going!

  2. Bravone-I'm trying hard to keep from going off myself. I had forgotten how very strongly I felt about this issue.

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  4. I edited Taylor's post and took out a link that while it makes good points regarding sexual performance issues, borders too closely to porn for my personal preference.

    Here is the body of Taylor's post without the link that I am uncomfortable with:

    18 Dispelling Myths About Circumcision:

    (You simply can't read this and STILL think circumcision is a "good" idea.)

    also see:

    Thanks, for the post Taylor.