Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hooting Owl

Although, I am often up early and writing or reading online, there is such a thing as being up too early when you haven't slept well to begin with. I just realized i could hear hooting owls and lonesome trains as they pull through town blasting their electronic quasi-foghorn whistles. I read Samantha's blog often who also suffers from PTSD. The last few weeks, I've been off my anti-depressant and I had another terrible nightmare. Since they are usually truly chilling, this one wasn't as gory and murderous as the worst but who knows what is up on deck next, I think it is once again, time to admit that I still have my own PTSD issues. I definitely had triggering events yesterday and the insomnia that follows the nightmares is no fun either.

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  1. QS, sorry to hear you suffer from PTSD. As a former sufferer myself, I know the events that cause PTSD are horrific, and murderous, as you alluded to. Believe me, I know all about that.

    It was not until I had done the hard work of healing (almost 9 years with 2 gifted therapists, not to mention the years of emotional torture prior to their help) that the symptoms of PTSD and everything they caused for me went away.

    Heaven cares about those who suffer, and Heaven will and can give aid. I wrote a post on my blog about the Infirmary. It may give you the peace, help, and solace you need and desire. You can read that post here:

    Love and respect, always. slp