Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Planetary Alignment and When He (She) Just Says No

Click here for interesting theories and commentaries as to Men's roles in sexless heterosexual marriages. I would have to agree that(choose your answer):

1. Sex IS a lot of work (at least until you get enough practice).

2. Partnered life has a lot of distractions.

3. A lot of expectations are placed on certain types of "performance."

4. Partners as they age and reproduce just don't look as attractive as they did at the beginning.

5. Anger and unkind words are a major turnoff.

6. Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional problems can interfere with desire.

I partially blame the movies and the media for setting us up with false expectations. Sex, in reality, has always been messy, inconvenient, dangerous and has had a lot of potential negative consequences. And, more often than not, it is a lot of work if not in the actual act, the preparation for the act. And, I've read that it is even more "work" or "sacrifice" when in a mixed orientation marriage. I acknowledge and honor that.

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