Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome Frodo of the Shire . . . One who has seen the eye.

Dear Frodo,

We active moms of inactive gay guys spoke knowingly to our selves without speaking plainly the obvious when we heard you talk in Sacrament meeting. We shared knowing glances. We are so thrilled that you feel the love of our Ward and that you are with our extended Ward family! As another ring bearer (having a non-standard issue sexuality) we have something in common, too.

Perhaps some day we may verbalize these things aloud.

Yours Truly,

Quiet Song

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  1. As someone who is NOT a Lord of the Rings fan, I am afraid I understand little to nothing about Frodo and his significance. But, I can say that it is good, QS, to see you posting. I have missed you.

    Love and respect, always.