Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The News from Around Here

First, I am ok.
Second, I am fighting a particularly nasty version of breast cancer. Repeating, I am ok and really blessed to be spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepared for this some time ago.
Third, family friend and E are getting married in a couple of weeks.
Fourth, DH had a hard time dealing with my quasi-publicly stating that I was bisexual. I probably still am best described as a heterosexual with noticeable homosexual inclinations, but try to explain that to someone and watch their eyes glaze over. Due to DH's difficulty with the word, I'm back in the closet with b-word until he works through his issues with it.
Fifth, I have had conversations with one of the princesses, which is the opening to a reconciliation and potential healing for our family, but it is a long road to travel.
Sixth, all the little songs are still singing mostly on key which makes me very happy, not always in my same spiritual genre, but often enough where a joyous sound is raised. DH and I are a happy non-traditional LDS couple and he has been atending with me, participating in classes, but is a relatively out non-testimony saint. We are ok with this.
Seventh, I am now supporting marriage equality in my state and do not at all feel conflicted anymore. What a hard road we all went down to get to this place. More and more of my fellow saints are simply saying yes, it is time.
Eight, Merry Christmas to one and all.

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