Sunday, June 20, 2010

This Is My Church, Too

I think I've mentioned this comment before. "This is My Church, Too." It was made by a friend as an explanation as to why he became active again. It is a statement which has come to guide my navigation of a difficult time.

Not only is it my church, but it is also my gay, bi or questioning child's church, my doubting family members' church and my faithful but struggling family member's church. When we have the courage to say I or WE are different but we still belong in word and action, our actions speak more eloquently than nearly anything we could say.

Yesterday was a happy day, the Bishop handed me the Kid's seminary graduation diploma. I was expecting a fourth year certificate and was pleased that they had put it in a nice presentation folder. When I opened it, I was stunned. I asked "how?"

The Bishop explained that he didn't know why, that he had forwarded the information about the Kid's attendance, the Kid's refusal to do an exit interview and the other key information regarding the Kid and the leaders decided to award him the diploma anyway. I know there are naysayers out there who will say that this was merely the hierarchy attempting to pad their numbers, but I do not perceive it that way. I see it as priesthood leaders beyond the ward level making an effort to acknowledge the good choices and the real accomplishment of the Kid.

The Kid was also pleased that he was allowed to graduate from Seminary. I assured him that although he may never need that piece of paper, that I still occassionally liked to look at mine. I asked him not to throw it away and if he doesn't want it, I will put it in my family history documents. I think this was a small victory for one family in claiming their place in the Church.


  1. I love this post. It is our church too. Congratulations on the kid!

  2. Thank you Bravone, and, I hope for the very best results from the fireside.