Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Un-graduate

Today is graduation week in my town. The Kid opted not to do a graduation ceremony. As part of parentally imposed course correction, he did not finish his last year in the local high school and instead took college classes and online school. He thought he would be sadder at not participating when he went to his friends' graduation, but he wasn't. In his heart of hearts, he enjoyed being in his pajamas when they were rushing through classes.

I also insisted that he continue going to Seminary although I knew he wouldn't graduate. Graduation from Seminary requires both a testimony and worthiness. Theoretically, we don't send our kids to Seminary for he certificate anyway. Although, I know that from number one song's mission, graduation from Seminary is a pretty big deal for serving in at least one overseas country.

Very soon he will be leaving to taste the freedom he has so desired. Thanks to Mom and Dad dropping the hammer on him he's got solid work experience, his high school degree, several other certificates and licenses, and his acceptance to a very highly regarded vocational educational institute. Unless you had been here and could have walked through the last half of the Junior year of high school with us you would not have believed this was the same kid.

He has matured somewhat in the last few months and I think he's minimally ready to be a productive citizen. We still worry for him, but the ball is squarely in his court now. May he play the game well, with respect for himself and others, and with grace.

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  1. Congratulations on all of the accomplishments for your son, and also for you and your husband for helping support him in getting "there"! That is great! And, I really loved how you ended your post, "May he play the game well, with respect for himelf and others, and with grace". That is EXACTLY what we want for them, isn't it? That was very beautifully stated.

    And, if it helps any, my middle brother barely graduated from High School. I do not think he even had a 1.0 GPA for his senior year. It took him a little bit, but he went on to the university, also served an overseas mission, graduated from both undergraduate and law schools with high honors, and is now a very accomplished attorney.

    Things seem to work out and it is great that each of us gets the chance (hopefully) to figure out our own paths in life. Your son sounds like he has all the right tools, and, as you said, the ball is squarely in his court.

    Best of luck to him and to you. :)

    Happy day!