Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Movie List

The Movies that mean a lot to me:

The Fellowship of the Ring (Peter Jackson)

The Two Tower (Peter Jackson)

The Return of the King (Peter Jackson)

The Hunt for Red October

Gone with the Wind (for its study of classic female archetypes)

The Orginal Star Wars film (which ushered in an era and brought closure to my grief over losing a friend in a car accident)

The Other Side of Heaven (Best film ever made about Mormons)

A Christmas Story (How the rest of us really live and celebrate Christmas)

Obsession (Hitchcock)


  1. And, they are not necessarily my favorites, they are the movies with the most "meaning" to me.

  2. Wow- you did that fast! Thanks for accepting the "tag".

    happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    love always. slp

  3. That is how my list was also constructed- movies that have meaning to and for me.

  4. Oops, number ten, Oh Brother, Where art thou?

  5. I so agree. The Other Side of Heaven was great.

    I love A Christmas Story. "FUDDDGGGEE!!!"