Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two Sides of the Same Rhetorical Coin

I find myself wondering if the gay community's readiness to blame that person's family of origin and the church when a GLBT LDS person commits suicide (or dies in any way that could be suicide)isn't very much the same as the readiness within certain segments of religious communities to blame the family or the gay person (i.e. his or her parents for not providing appropriate role modeling) and the gay community (i.e. the culture, the recruiters, etc.)for a person's expression of sexual identity or acknowledgment of same sex attraction.


  1. Interesting. Maybe we're allowing ourselves to project generalized fears or hurt into a specific situation when that is not called for or is not really the case. A problem of generalization or stereotyping?

  2. I think it's similar but I wouldn't say it's the communities as a whole. It's more like the loud and angry ones who claim to speak for those communities.