Monday, September 20, 2010

Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning-my new (old) parents

Looking over my baby book, I discovered that I have yet another also known as name. Drama Mama apparently intended at one time that I, too, go by the last name of Browning. Regular readers will recall my earlier post which described Drama Mama's psuedonym and her wedding ring. Dear readers you will also recall my post wherein I decided to look for new parents now that Drama Mama has passed.

While I was sharing the information about my new (old) birth name, DH was scratching his head and said, "you know, I think there was a famous poet or writer with that last name." Sure enough, we went to our vintage 80's encyclopedias, and therein we found Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Ms. Elizabeth Barrett, secretly married Robert Browning, another poet. Her father disowned her, but she had her own means from her work. She and Robert moved to and lived happily in Italy.

DH is fairly sure that "Penny" Drama Mama's long time "girlfriend" came up with this name because of the obvious similarities/opportunities/cover up possibilities. Given the obvious hilarity of this situation in retrospect, I'm thinking I can just make up the perfect family and pick things up where she left off. I will simply make up the siblings and parents I would like to have and pretend they are my family.

The problem is, that I'm having a real tough problem figuring out how to make up the perfect Mormon Father, Mother and Siblings for me. Any suggestions? Please help me develop the characters for Quiet Song's virtual family of perfection on earth. Also, I'm thinking about calling them something other than the Browning's or the Song's.

At this point it's pretty clear they've got to be at least intellectually LGBT friendly and have strong testimonies. Slightly on the liberal side of the political spectrum would be good too. Good conflict management skills and integrity are a must. What else?

Poets, they must be poets.

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