Friday, January 7, 2011

"Don't Worry-You are Kin" Part 1

I thought the house was a total loss as far as blogging went, but The Gay Dot's recent post and my recent visit to "Grandpa and Grandma's House" fanned the embers into a small flame or two or three. Bear with me as I rummage around a bit in the ashes to get to my point.

As I was returning the Kid to distant shores after Christmas Break, we were once again invited to stop at dear family friend's house. Dear family friend and his household were the subjects of my Better Boob Story post. The Kid said on the way over that he would have been just as happy not to stop at dear family friend's house and just spend the evening with me. I said that I appreciated that, but, dear family friend and E are the closest thing he has right now to a Grandma and Grandpa and they are not going to be around forever or have their wits about them for much longer. The Kid gave me the requisite, "Oh, Mom" giggle and eye roll. I said, "yes, it was a baaaaad joke."

So as we were visiting, family friend and E, they mentioned that they were traveling to attend E's class reunion together. The Kid giggled and quasi rolled his eyes, because now we really do have confirmation that they are more like Grandma and Grandpa than we thought. Not only have I really liked family friend for a very long time, but I also like E, especially now, that he is a she. We had quite the girl talk as E put it.

After I left, I got to thinking about "Grandma and Grandpa" in light of my previous thoughts of finding a new set of parents that I could be adopted by in my Are you my Mother? post. This line of fantastical thinking went something like this: What if family friend and E married? What if I agreed to be adopted by them? Could I then be sealed to them after they died as so many other people do ordinances for their non-member family members after death? Who would really know that E did not start life as a she, everything has been changed legally? God would know. But what does God really think about this? Is this akin to entering a gay marriage if one agrees to be adopted as an adult by a man and a formerly male transperson? Ooops, but wait, under the law they would be an opposite sex couple? And, so, the line of questions ran through my head.

E had a child from one of her marriages so this is not going to happen but it was certainly one of those out of the box moments for me to ponder this idea.

I have blogged extensively about coming to earth in a non-standard issue family of origin for a Mormon: Daughter of a Polyamorist, Are You My Mother, Illegitimate Fathers, Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browing, My Other Mother-Penny and Cheaper than Therapy. There are probably other posts that I've made that touch on these issues.

I have also explored what is like to be in a nonconforming marriage situation as an active member in Not Conflicted . . . and Not in Hiding.

To be continued . . . .

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  1. I do not think the church allows transgendered individuals to have temple recommends, which would make you getting sealed to them rather difficult. But, you are a good "outside the box" thinker. I know you will find solutions to your desires to have "parents".