Saturday, January 16, 2010

Keep Austin and Mormondom Weird

Here are a few ideas I might explore in the next few weeks:

The purpose of Polygamy was to keep Mormonism Weird.

Spritual Matriarchy and presiding in the Mormon Home.

Sex abuse litigation against the LDS church (I'm absolutely for it as long as its not frivolous).

The Palin family as a case for arranged marriage in the church or, "if he brings a boy home, I hope it's a nice mormon boy from a nice mormon family."

Gay or Straight for the Cause? Can sexual identity be based on socio/political/religious ideology?

Sexual Pragmatism as risk management, reward or punishment?

Enjoy the links. And long live the city of Austin and may its weirdness forever wave.


  1. You crack me up. I love your sense of humor. :) And, I look forward to ALL of the new posts. :)

    Love and respect, always.

  2. I completely agree with litigation against ANYONE who is guilty of sex abuse.

    And, I loved your insightful comments on John G-W's post about the Holy Ghost.