Monday, January 18, 2010

Sexual Orientation is a Choice-Political Feminism

So you wonder why large numbers of LDS people believe that sexual orientation is a choice? Look no further than political feminism and separatist feminism for your answer. Political feminism argued that women should choose lesbianism as a way of combating the patriarchy. Chief among the proponents of separatist feminism was Sonia Johnson, the mormon ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) advocate who later went onto a very colorful life in feminist and lesbian extremes outside the mainstream culture. She was the most famous LDS LGBT person of her time.


  1. Interesting. I guess I had never put those two together before.

  2. I can assure the world that my being a gay woman has NOTHING to do with politics or as a stance against men, but has EVERYTHING to do with just who I am. I have known this about myself since I was a small child.

  3. Hi, Amy. I added your blog, I loved all the scriptural content. One of my next posts will be on "sister scriptorians."

    My dear slp, thank you once again for being just who you are, precious, wonderful and amazing!

  4. Dear QS, I am not sure what I have done to deserve such kind and loving words from you. But, I am most grateful. Thank you! I have been happy all day, but after reading your gentle words, my heart has been even happier and my step (broken, though it may be) had a skip and hop to it. Thank you!

    Happy day!