Wednesday, January 27, 2010

S. E. X.

As a young married couple, a bishop gave us some unsolicited advice which I thought was silly at the time. He suggested that we pray over our sexual relations, that they would be satisfying and enhancing of our relationship. Being young and arrogant, I told him that we didn't need any help in that department. In retrospect, I realize how very little I knew about sex and life in general.

It WAS good advice and over the years I have had cause to remember and on occasion take questions to Heavenly Father, study the scriptures, and had silent moments of prayer on the issue. All to an ever increasing understanding of physical intimacy in marriage. It waxes and it wanes, yet practice does make perfect. However, the vicissitudes of life also play a role and many, many factors affect our abilities and interest levels at any given time.

There have been a number of posts in the MOHO blogosphere of late that have provoked this line of thinking for me and I only wish that it was appropriate for me to say more, but it's not. And just to underline the point here, I'm not talking about guilt or repentance, I'm talking about taking your most tender yet sexual desires to the Lord and asking him how best to exercise those in your relationship with your beloved in whatever circumstance you then find yourself in.


  1. This may be aimed at Husband, or me, or neither, but thanks either way. Each of us, as well as together, have always and will continue to present this particular facet of our lives to the Lord. If nothing else, it helps each of us deal with whatever comes our way.

  2. I'm embarrassed to say it, but I have a terrible time keeping all the couples except the Curies straight . . . that may not have been exactly the word I was searching for. But it seems that this conversation has manifested itself on several blogs causing me to remember that dear Bishop's advice of long ago and what a blessing it has been over the years. I am glad to hear you have already been sharing this with the Lord.