Sunday, January 31, 2010

Proposition 8: Personhood Redux

For FHE last week we read and deconstructed section 134 of the Doctrine and Covenants. I commend it to you. A declaration that is beautiful but sad in retrospect. And, an interesting counterpoint to where we find ourselves today in the gay marriage debate. Then we were talking explicitly the slavery issue, but avoiding the marriage issue. Today we are talking marriage but often not the other more hidden issues that are intertwined with the church's legal right to speak out and what it perceives to be its moral duty . . . . at least at this juncture.

In terms of Proposition 8, the church (i.e. corporation of the president) did what it had to do to preserve its rights and voice. And it's legally protected in doing so. Time to stop headbanging folks. Ever hear of silence as consent or silence as ratification?

As is the case in Coke wars, there is always some Pharisee out there ready to beat the caffeinated Pepsi guy over the head with a full plastic diet caffeine free coke bottle. But that's beside the point. And someone's going to point out that caffeine really isn't the problem, that it's the sugar that will rot your teeth that you need to worry about. Oh and don't forget the theory that it is the carbonation slowly riddling your bones with micro tunnels that is the real culprit. And, just think what giving up one soft drink a day could do for the environment and the downtrodden. Just be sure to recycle, Ok?

We had a recent reversal by the U.S. Supremes regarding corporations as persons who make political campaign contributions and said persons right to make campaign contributions. I'll leave it to the brilliant legal minds to further explore the consequences of that in terms of the activities of the LDS church in matters moral now that one decision allows more engagement by corporations financially in politicking.

Did I enjoy the "Proposition 8 debacle?" No, it's the reason, I'm even blogging, I was so internally conflicted. Conflict, that's the key word here. There is conflict. Things that don't match up, cannot be meshed, a vast divide that seems unbridgeable and more that cannot be resolved. I ask is there anything in life, ever, in the scriptures, or elsewhere that is one hundred percent black and white? If you answer this question yes, I fear that you will unnecessarily bloody not only your poor noggin but that of others as well.

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