Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sloganzilla-Men Are Pigs

So, as I was pondering political feminism, I was reminded of the lovely and implicitly sexual slogan of the seventies, "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." I remember this well. I also recall "Men are Pigs." "Pigs" seems to have considerably more staying power than "fish" and has been co-opted by men as well, and believe it or not, gay guys seem to have embraced the term. As I was perusing available internet content, the infamous 2009 New York Times article on Gay Marriage that contained a very stereotypical "men are pigs" quote came up in the search results as did more that one blog on discussing the rarity of actually fully committed gay marriage because "men are pigs."

I find both slogans grating and disappointing. I also think more highly of men than that. And women. We need each other. I hope for a future with less promiscuity, better relationships and less stereotyping.

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  1. I have and do know some very honorable, kind, loving, and generous men. I have also known some (and women, too) who are the antithesis of those qualities. I hope, with you, also for less promiscuity and better relationships in our futures. I think that was very beautifully stated. Thank you, QS.

    Stay safe. And, warm. Hope the weather is good where you are.

    Happy night. :)