Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And the Winner is . . . Heterosexuality with some Homosexuality

I read the Curies blog regularly, (sigh, except sometimes when it makes me blush) and have followed Mister's exploration of trying to determine what his sexuality is. He mentioned taking the Klein test. Today I tried the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid and came out straight but very, very close on the quadrant of being emotionally gay. On the Multidimensional Scale of Sexuality I came out Heterosexual with some Homosexuality and low but measurable ratings for concurrent bisexuality and serial bisexuality. Concurrent bisexuality means having sex with males and females separately during the same period of time and serial bisexuality means alternating male and female partners over time.

Both of these scales seemed to require a fair amount of experience with multiple sexual partners (one and only one for me) and more experience using erotic material than I have. Both tests attempt to measure sexual fluidity at any given time. I don't know how accurately either measures the "active LGBT LDS member lifestyle" with no porn, no gay cultural identity, and limited sexual contacts. Perhaps I'm "straight for the cause?"

So, do I know anymore than I did when I started? Not really. Sounds a bit like of a wine marketing slogan though, "Heterosexual with a piquant hint of homosexuality."

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  1. I'm glad you follow our blog. Sorry that it occasionally makes you blush. I agree that these scales place a lot of emphasis on things that and LDS member strives to avoid. My Klein score is definitely a lot lower because I only have heterosexual sex with my wife, but I'm sure that most of that is due to church/cultural influence, rather than my sexual orientation.