Monday, February 22, 2010

Young Men and Young Women

No one asked me, but as a parent, I'm not really satisfied with either the Scouting Program or the Young Women's program. But, I don't dislike these programs either. Yes, I've heard people testify that these programs are inspired, and they may be, but more likely they are a product of our wonderful correlation committee, instigation of which was a huge blessing to the membership whether inspired or not.

Scouting is a rather odd phenomenom which can manifest in strange ways. The relationship between the Boy Scouts and the LDS Church and Homosexuality seems to be caught in a self-reinforcing cycle. I found Rex's post interesting to say the least. Understand that number one Song, is an Eagle, and even questioning Song did quite a bit of scouting, and that baby Song will probably go forward in Scouting quite a way. Girl Song really resented not being able to be a Boy Scout, but of course she was always upset about every thing her brother got to do that she didn't. Quiet Song is technically an adult scouter, and while she thinks that avowed homosexual quite surely doesn't include a heterosexual with some homosexuality, she finds the line quite arbitrary.

I do like the personal progress program in concept, and now that it is open to every woman not just the girls, I'm going to finish mine. Just as I don't get crafting in Relief Society, remember my idea of a great way to spend a day making something right now is replicating found objects in cast iron, I'm not entirely on board with the remainder of the young women's program, except for Girl's camp. I OWE a lot to Girl's Camp.

In the early 1900's one of the achievements for girl's included clearing a 1/4 acre of brush. Some things do change . . . Where's my bandelero?


  1. Overall, I think a well run scouting program can do a lot of good for boys; that said, I don't think scouting is for everyone. It's also true that many wards do not have well run scouting programs - and a poorly run scouting program can do end up doing more harm than good. I do get irked when I hear people referring to it as 'inspired' - if it's so inspired then why did they need to come up with the Duty to God program?

    I'm less excited about the Young Women Personal Progress program - although I think it's better than previous YW programs. I just think it's too focused on all young women growing up to be stay at home mom's - and that's not the reality of the world we live in. My wife was a stay at home mom as is my oldest daughter; but, I don't think we should look down on a woman because her particular situation doesn't allow her to do that. The reality is that young women need to be just as prepared for careers as young men do.

    Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Abe. I have to chuckle though, with my 20 years of education and my "profession" I am just not seeing the career suppressing effects of the personal progress program. I sat next to a BYU educated civil engineer in Relief Society last Sunday who was just squeezing in church attendance between taking soil samples with her crew and heading back to her home office across the state and a Math major, both under 30. Girl Song is not only expecting her first child but wrapping up her Masters degree in a traditionally male field of endeavor. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's . . . .