Friday, February 5, 2010

Underwear in History and in the War on Terror.

So you may ask how is it that Quiet Song has so much interest in the history of underwear? I will give a few answers:

1) In general I love potty humor. However, as a parent I specifically dislike Captain Underpants, and was more than happy to "inadvertantly" abandon the one book we had from this series in the Urologist's office. Yes, sometimes the young'uns have to be seen in these places, too. I also have to admit that some of the potty training cassettes we used had some pretty catchy tunes. And, when DH admitted to the littlest angel that he would like character briefs, too, and wanted the Incredible Hulk . . . . Well, I've never stopped laughing.

2) I once was asked to build a fleet of corsets for a local theatre production, which I wisely declined, but not before learning a great deal about corset manufacture.

3) I have never, ever had a bra that fit, and seriously considered making my own. Now I'm at an age and with a family history of breast cancer, I may face future reconstruction, at which time I'll have my girls realigned and rebuilt in such a way as to fit standard commercial brands of brasierres instead.

4) I also considered making or having a corset made to train my waist flab to lie in a more attractive manner than it does. Ladies, ever notice the strange confirguration of fat and how it appears to be related to where the waistband of pants hits? I discovered that there is an entire subculture related to the modern corset. And,

5) There is the ongoing debate that temple garment wearing women are oppressed creatures who do not own control of their bodies as recently demonstrated on the Curie's blog. The curious result is that for some people wearing underwear that allows you to express your fashion sense or makes you feel sexy, dominating or attractive is ok, whereas wearing underwear in conformance with the tenets of your faith and an expression thereof is not ok.

Three sites of interest on the history of underwear and, men, I have not forgotten you!

The Secret History of the Corset and Crinoline

Vintage Skivvies' History Pages (Mens' underwear)

Warning: Menstrual related content-European Underwear 1700-1900

And, waist training and corset dieting from the lovely Romantasy.

Finally, from the War on Terror in 2009 we have Zachary from Texas fighting the Taliban in his pink boxers and flip flops. Note that these are "I love New York" pink boxers. Not to be outdone, Umar Farouk of Nigeria, attempted to blow up an airliner with his explosive briefs on behalf of Al-Qaeda on Christmas day.

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