Monday, February 22, 2010

Blaming the Bishop-Heavens to Mergatroid, Betsy!

Previously, I've posted here and here about the recent passing of my Drama Mama and not so much about the family schism she partially purposefully and partially unwittingly engineered a few weeks before passing. I've also written about the family proprensity to play the blame game and how I sometimes slip into that old habit largely caused by bad family of origin conditioning. As though receiving an email from my mother's email account with no explanation whatsoever that had a pdf attachment of a tacky funeral announcement was not enough, there is now a facebook posting accusing Drama Mama's bishop of directing a third party to steal the family jewels.

Oh, my. What next?

How was it possible to so get the facts so incredibly mixed up (I actually do have most of the facts and the finger points to the nutzoids' agent in the matter and the bishop was not even remotely involved) and so avoid the personal responsibility that actually dwells somewhere other than Drama Mama's poor bishop who had actually zero to do with any part of this?

Onward and forward to another day . . . and, thanks to all those folks willing to serve and who unwittingly take some of the collateral damage.

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