Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two Guys and a Prom-Part 3

Another question regarding Chaucer's commitment to go to prom was "Will his parents have a melt down over this?" Understand, Chaucer is not LDS, but he lives in a trailer park. Also understand that the Song family also lived in a trailer park at one time, but stereotypes still creep in. I mean is it possible they are just unrepentant redneck, trailer trash? Oh, the vast unknown that gets opened when one contemplates future in laws. Yeah, right, its just a date. Now back to the main question, will there be problems from Chaucer's parents and will the Kid ultimately disappointed?

The Kid simply didn't know the answer to this. He didn't know if Chaucer is out to his parents or not. However, since Chaucer is eighteen, he didn't think that it would matter.

The Kid is also almost eighteen. This actually makes a huge difference in my comfort/discomfort level. It helps that the Kid went to Prom last year with a girl and dated both the flaming red haired ninja girl and ferret woman before becoming interested in his first two male romantic interests. I've had 18 months to process this, revisit my own sexuality/testimony/intellenctual take on the issues, some significant preivous experience with a gay friend, had a now deceased gay brother-in-law and lived in various gay friendly communities.

DH pipes up and says, "We didn't have a meltdown." I had two inner responses, 1) Honey you lying sack of ________, and 2) I'm glad it wasn't visible. More, on my meltdown and my husband's meltdown (which actually involved the Kid and Chaucer last year), he conveniently chose to forget- some other time I suppose.

Then DH says, "Don't do this to be provocative or make a statement." The Kid assured him he wasn't doing it to make a show and explained that they will probably go with a group of people like he did last year. The Kid also explained that although he would like to dress somewhat flamboyantly (he did last year with his female date who made her dress out of a striped bed sheet with a matching tie for the Kid), he didn't think Chaucer was into that. Inside, I thought to myself, "Well, there goes my opportunity to make funky chapeaus for the two of them . . . ." It's funny how twisted the half full glass mindset I have about life can get.

As I have pondered Chaucer and The Kid going to Prom 2010, I've wondered how Grandmother felt when Mother started dating married men and going to roadhouses at age 16. Perhaps this is one reason why Grandmother started drinking at about this time and began her descent into Alcoholism? Yep, no meltdown here. Thank God for Dr. J and the miracle of modern anti-anxiety medication. I think it might be time for a series of posts titled Babylon 1956-1970 wherein I explain the very different background from Mormondom that I was born into and why I want my kids to avoid anything that looks remotely like it. No visible meltdown, but there has been plenty of anxiety, I assure you.

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